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Thursday, August 13, 2009


A new monster head I just cast into rubber. Seen here is the original WED clay sculpture. Jordu said he was "spooky" I took that as a good thing.. I'll post the rubber latex version soon. I plan on painting all these as soon as I get the chance.

a Beastie...

This is the in progress shot of the new monster I'm sculpting. I'm still tweaking the pose a bit. It's a mixture of a few different animals. There is sooooo much hair left to be sculpted.. wish me luck.

the KILLER croc.

This is a killer croc mask I sculpted recently. As you can see in the first photos it started out as a clay piece and then was molded and injected with foam, to make a prosthetic mask which can be worn. This is one of the test masks that I ended up testing to see what the painting phase may look like.


Here is some video of the finished monster walking around in the desert!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monster time.


check out the album! a bunch of different pictures along with the finished monster!

Also, Ill be back soon with some new stuff. So stay tuned.